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Mrs. Brightside

I'm Mrs. Brightside trying to see the bright side if things, looking at my bright future that I envision, but making the mistake of thinking it will be great. In reality it's a horrible collision. Sailing through life like its a calm easy sea, realizing, again, reality is blinded me of what I wanted to be. Wanting to live like I want, waiting it to be concrete. Blinded by the light of what god wants me leave- bad influences and drugs I don't need. Everyday I want to live in ecstasy, not a worry in my bones, only thinking positive and not caring about loans. Music is my outlet and nothing can break my bubble of my lake of happy waves. The spirit of which had saves, trying to stay brave. Living life for what he says, not giving into circumstances where I feel like a slave. I live my life how I want- not thinking about what He taunts me with- reality.

Love always, Courtney

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